Anthracite Coal Supplier Long Island

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Anthracite Coal Supplier Long Island

Anthracite coal is the hardest and most brittle of all coals. When burned, it produces a very hot blue flame, generating more heat than any other softer coals.

We supply the following types of Anthracite coal:

  • Stove coal
  • Nut coal
  • Pea coal
  • Rice coal

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We additionally supply firewood, wood pellets and wood bricks for your home and office heating needs. At BETHLEHEM COAL, we pride ourselves on providing premium quality products and professional customer care. We are committed to offering you the best when it comes to heating fuel.

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Anthracite Coal Supplier Long Island

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Quality coal for your stove

Anthracite Coal is a compressed, hard coal with a great potential to produce heat energy than do the softer, coals. It is the hardest and most brittle of all coals, and when burned, produces a very hot blue flame. We acquire all of our premium coal products from Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

Types of Anthracite Coal We Supply:

  • Stove Coal - Approximately the size of a baseball
  • Nut Coal - Approximately 1" size
  • Pea Coal - Approximately 1/2" size
  • Rice Coal - Aprroximately 1/4" size

Please call us for more information about the type of coal you burn in your stove and for additional information, pricing and delivery. We deliver lose ton or bagged ton Anthracite Coal to all of Nassau, Suffolk & Queens.

Anthracite Coal