Wood Pellet Fuel Supplier Long Island

Wood pellets are an efficient and environmentally sound source to heat your home or office.

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Our Wood Pellet Products

Wood Pellet Fuel Supplier Long Island

We supply the following types of wood pellets:

  • New England Wood Pellets – high quality, PFI certified premium grade pellet fuel, made from a proprietary blend of hardwood and other wood.
  • Energex Wood Pellets – premium pellet made from the finest blend of hardwoods, produce a lot of heat with low ash content, offered at a low price.
  • Lignetics Wood Pellets – made from renewable sawmill waste, burn longer and hotter, produce less ash.

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Premium wood pellets at affordable prices

Coal Products

BETHLEHEM COAL additionally specializes in premium coal supply. All our coal products are sourced from Bethlehem Pennsylvania. We guarantee high-quality fuel for your residential and commercial heating requirements.

We provide fast delivery to Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens. Call us to order your heating fuel today.

Wood Pellet Fuel Supplier Long Island

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Our Wood Pellet products are hardwood, premium pellets.

Types of Wood Pellets We Supply:

New England Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets - New England Wood Pellets are a high quality, PFI Certified premium grade pellet fuel made from a proprietary blend of hardwood and other wood species.

  • Heat Value, 8,000-8,300 BTU's/lb. at 3% moisture ;
  • Moisture Content, 3 to 5% ;
  • Ash Content, 0.4-0.6% (PFI Premium Standard <1.0%) ;
  • Density ?40 lb./cu ft.
New England Wood Pellets
premium grade pellet

Energex Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets - Premium Hardwood pellets are made of the finest blend of hardwoods that provide an ash content well below the industry standard of 1%. With the BTUs (on a dry basis) between 8,500 and 8,600, these hardwood pellets can put out a lot of heat with low ash at a great low price. 8,500+ BTU’s Per lbs. Less than 1% Ash.

Energex Wood Pellets

Lignetics Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets - Lignetics wood pellets are made from recycled, renewable sawmill waste. Our wood pellets contain all-natural biomass products and are manufactured at the highest quality control levels, designating our wood pellet fuel as premium grade. Lignetics premium wood pellets produce a consistent, high BTU output and produce less than one percent ash. This translates to a hotter, more efficient burn, which means less wood pellets burned, fewer wood pellets purchased, less space needed for storage, fewer trips to the wood pellet hopper and less waste to clean up. The emission rate for wood pellet stoves when using Lignetics premium wood pellets is approximately 1.2 grams per hour, which falls well below the nationwide EPA regulation of less than 7.5 grams per hour.

Lignetics Wood Pellets
Lignetics Wood Pellets

Please call us for more information about the type of pellets you burn in your stove and for additional information, pricing and delivery. We deliver our Wood Pellet products by the skidded bagged ton (50 forty-pound bags makeup a ton) to all of Nassau, Suffolk & Queens.